Tuesday 10 July 2012

London Street Scene

Another cropping of a scan.
I really should be doing them at higher resolution but I kind of like the effect. This is Lombard street in the City. Probably lugging around gold or something. 


  1. I walk along Lombard Street every day: the clock is still there -might even be the same one!
    On one of the buildings there is a metal sign with a grasshopper (the crest of a banking family, I think); I wonder if there is a street scene available with it...

    1. You should get a picture.
      Here is a random picture (but not of the sign): http://goo.gl/BVlmX
      I think you might like the new exhibition we are working on at the moment. Lots of Lombard street stuff included. Let me know if you want a sneak preview of the pictures we have so far...

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  3. Of course I want a sneak preview :) Yes please!!