Wednesday, 21 March 2012


 Bonkers. Here are a couple of memes inspired by this frankly bonkers Bercow speech:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Escaping New York

My memory is hazy but when I think of these escape ladders I think of American TV and how many times they've been used for escaping someone armed. It never seems to be a fire. Hmm.
New York!

Picture credit: Neil Stewart (66)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Well done Designer. Don't agree with your methods

I stopped and stared at this for a while. It grabbed my attention and the yellow and blue piqued my interest/raised my concern in a way those Police Incident boards are supposed too. 
When it finally dawned on me that it was an advert I was pretty disappointed by the tactics. 
I'll let it go (but abokado you are on my black list), as it does a job. I guess I'm doing them one now as well.

Sad Fox

I always thought he looked so sad when he was there but he made so many people smile.
I often found that seeing him on my way to work in the mornings cheered me up no end. 
All credit to the folks at the Hayward and the public art they deliver to pull people in, even if they don't.
For now I'm left Fighting the Nothingness. For now. 

Swede Mason Appreciation Society

Just a few (+1) Swede Mason YouTube videos that I've enjoyed very much recently. Video mixers don't seem to enjoy being called 'Mashup Artists' but along with the Cassette Boy(s) Swede Mason deserves a lot of credit for being one.

Obama dominating

Buttery Biscuit Base - Masterchef

Angry Mel

Power Slide Clarkson


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Creationist Park, CA

RoarView Mirror
Looking back on the dinosaurs of 2010

City Monsters

Eye, eye (eye). Israel/Palestine, 2010
As Easter approaches I think of having gone there two ago. What an incredibly fascinating place. Was scared out of my wits beforehand, but loved every minute. 
I'll never really understand what is going on there. 
I now like to keep an eye on the areas news but it is often troubling and unsettling.
City Monsters, huh.  

Britney, 2002

Lost but not forgotten

Big Mac and What

He caught me. I felt horrible and judgemental.
I am a bad person. Life bites.