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Beatrice Potter (Webb) on Sidney Webb

Sidney Webb, c1930s
Sidney Webb, 1930s
The LSE Digital Library is here and the Webb diaries open to all. Here's my, albeit anachronistic, re-use matching a diary extract and one of LSE's pictures on Flickr.

Beatrice Potter recorded in her diary her first meeting with Sidney Webb (14th February, 1890)

 "Sidney Webb the socialist dined here to meet the Booths. A remarkable little man with a huge head on a very tiny body: a breadth of forehead quite sufficient to account for the encyclopaedic character of his knowledge, a Jewish nose, prominent eyes and mouth, black hair, somewhat unkempt, spectacles and a most bourgeois black coat shiny with wear; regarded as a whole somewhat between a London card and a German Professor. To keep to externals: his pronunciation is cockney, his Hs are shaky, his attitudes by no means eloquent -  with his thumbs fixed pugnaciously in a far from immaculate waistcoat, with his bulky head thrown back and his little body forward he struts even when he stands, delivering himself with extraordinary rapidity of thought and utterance and with an expression of inexhaustible self-complacency. But I like the man. There is a directness of speech, an open-mindedness, an imaginative warm-heartedness which should carry him far. He has the self-complacency of one who is always thinking faster than his neighbours, who is untroubled by doubts, and to whom the acquisition of facts is as easy as the grasping of matter; but he has no vanity and is totally unself-conscious."

An interesting and beautiful description of another human being and, perhaps one of the best expressions of love at first sight that I have ever read.

You can read and compare the manuscript and typescript version of this extract on the LSE Digital Library. Trust me, there is a mountain of incredibly interesting text here that can be used to tell amazingly resonate stories.

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In a digital world no book is an island

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LSE Library Political Posters

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LSE Library Political Posters, a gallery on Flickr.

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A selection of posters from the LSE Library Archives collection.

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LSE Library Selection

Beatrice and Sidney Webb, c1942Student reading in the Shaw Library, 1964Student using the library catalogue, 1964Lionel Robbins Building / BLPES, 1978H.G. Wells , c1890Houghton Street closed to through traffic, September 1975
Main Entrance, Houghton Street, 1973Student at microfilm reader, c1970sLibrary , c1981HM Queen Mother at the formal opening of the new library in the Lionel Robbins Building, 10th July 1979Houghton Street, 1985Student using the card catalogue in the library, 1981
LSE Library stair wellStudent in Computer Room, 1981The vitamin content of food products: Fat, Milk, Cheese, and EggsLibrary atrium, LSECollecting books for readers in the reserve stacks, 1964Night Falls
LSE Library Selection, a gallery on Flickr.
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A selection of some of the best photos on flickr by, or of, LSE Library.