Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Scan

Easter and I spent a day or so with an old friend who has two little girls. I love seeing the little mites and their innocence and enthusiasm (they are also a little bonkers) always fills me with joy. 
We drew a picture together (using real paper and crayons). A masterpiece, I'm sure you would agree!
 Rather than deprive their kitchen fridge of the beauty Daddy used CamScanner on his Samsung Note so I could take a copy home with me. 

If you've not turned your phone into a scanner yet then I can't recommend the functionality enough. I'm always surprised when I see people at work running around to make photocopies of stuff when there are tools like CamScanner out there that are much more suited to our age. The last person I showed it to on their iPhone was literally shaking with excitement at the prospect of using it. I really mean that. I also really think that those of us who work in HE could help people hack their use of places like libraries by 'sharing with authority' the new tools of the trade. Some people don't even use Google Docs, Dropbox etc when these are the kind of established tools that would really simplify things for them. You wouldn't believe the number of memory sticks that go missing every single day where I work...

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