Tuesday 16 August 2011


I love it! About a month ago I put up 20 odd photos onto Panoramio just to see what happened. I'd forgotten about it for a couple of weeks and then popped back thinking I might expand the collection I had on there. I was shocked by the number of views the pictures I had posted received. This one of the Western Wall in Jerusalem picked up nearly 500 views (mainly through Google Earth) in no time at all. Why? I wondered. I hadn't tagged it with anything salacious. I hadn't really tagged it at all.

I've put some more on now and I've been surprised with the popularity of them as well. I guess people like browsing Google Earth and looking at pictures. Geographical browsing is obviously a popular thing. I'm pleased by that.

Having looked at my local area and place of work I'm now keen on posting more. Anything to raise the profile of both seems a good thing to me. Sharing a little snippet of the world, one picture at a time. Who knows what interest all these millions of pictures will be to people in the future.

Check them out here. Do you do anything similar yourself? If so, what do you use? I'd be really keen to know.

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